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B2B E-commerce Platform

The Valuprosys B2B E-commerce Platform end-to-end back office is developed and powered by Joget Workflow. All data on the e-commerce website such as product information, pricing, inventory and customer order handling are managed and processed by the back-end.

To achieve an efficient operation, the back office is critical in automating the order fulfillment and distribution processes that include sales order processing, purchase order requisition, inventory management, invoicing, logistics, etc.

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Childcare Centre Management System

Real IT Childcare Centre Management System is an all-in-one solution for childcare centers of all types and sizes. It is designed for the basic computer user in mind. It is affordable, easy to use, and enables parents to enroll their children and update necessary information at their convenience.

The features include:

- Enrollment
- Waiting List
- Child Data
- Family Data
- Child Attendance
- Child Pickup List
- Employee Time & Attendance
- Overseas Travel Declaration
- Accident Reporting
- Tracked communication with parents
- Broadcast Important Announcements
- Multi-site, Multi-user
- Multi-level Approval
- Customised Reporting
- Current Software Data Import
- Audit Trail
- and More
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Competitor Distribution Heatmap

Valuprosys Competitor Distribution Heatmap is a business intelligence solution developed on Joget Workflow, integrated with Baidu maps and EChart, that displays and analyses data through graphical representation using color matrices.

Companies will be able to visually display and compare their store locations against their competitors', perform brand and market analysis, spatial sales analysis, regional distribution analysis, etc. Example, clicking on each distribution area, numbers of branded stores according to provinces and cities and their location maps would be displayed in real-time.

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e-Klaims is a secure, custom developed system for the Government Agencies of Malaysia and Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) in Malaysia. Its main function is to facilitate the staff in claims submission with processes and rates adhering to the circular of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia.

Among the common claims available in the system are Overtime Claim, Local & Outstation Travelling Expenses Claim, Medical Expenses Claim and other Allowances Claim. The flexibility of the backend engine with Joget Workflow and the design of this system allows fast and accurate update to the system when there's a new circular on claims related matter released by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia. With e-Klaims implementation, it reduces claim rates dispute and long claim process with reduction of paperwork.

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Real IT Enterprise Request Management System (ERMS) enables organisations of all sizes to automate requests, approvals, and work order workflows across departments and regions.

It automatically routes approvals, scheduling and fulfillment through securely communicating with and between departmental software platforms used by IT, HR, Finance, Operations, Facilities and other function areas.

By mapping the tasks to the authorized users or groups, it ensures consistency across enterprise for all requests, improving business operations efficiency, accuracy and cost savings.

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Essociation is a mobile application built to better serve the ICT industry available on iOS and Android. The application consists of user registration, business directory of all members and related businesses; event listing and management tool allowing members to list their events and for interested attendees to directly confirm attendance; deals section to redeem special offers made available from members to members, and a knowledge management repository hosting research papers, ICT news articles and other industry related materials.

The system administration and content management is fully powered by Joget Workflow. Essociation has been successfully implemented as a value extension of PIKOM (The National Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Association of Malaysia).

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Helpdesk Management System

Helpdesk Management System is a web-based system to facilitate the 2nd or 3rd level helpdesk support representative to keep track of a customer's case, assign and manage the schedule of support representatives.

Helpdesk Management System also allows the support representatives to update the status of the cases reported via a mobile phone. Helpdesk Management System has been successfully implemented in the telecommunications industry with 25,000 cases captured in a mere 8 months after going live.

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Hospis Management System

Hospis Management System derived from an initiative to our company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to build a cloud based Patient Management System to support patient services.

This system helps Hospis Malaysia which is a charitable organization offering professional palliative care to patients who are suffering from life-limiting illness such as cancer, heart disease and so forth to keep track of patients record, medication management, equipment loan tracking, improves efficiency between stakeholders and provide reporting data to support research to improve services outcome, support advocacy work and increase donor funding. To date more than 9,500 patients have been recorded in the system since its inception in July 2014.

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iTasoft OASYS

iTasoft OASYS is an enterprise portal application developed on the Joget Workflow application platform. It enables companies to automate their processes and SOP to produce an effective, efficient and productive organization.

The OASYS application includes employee leave management, expense reporting and reimbursement, meeting calendar and scheduling, and document management and sharing.

iTasoft OASYS is designed to be easy to learn and use without requiring any special skills. All users will be able to utilize mobile devices to use the OASYS applications. Another important benefit is that OASYS allows all the applications to be further customized to suit the organization needs.

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The Peopletracker system is an integrated web based solution used to manage the logistics and deployment of a large number of people to and from project sites. The system contains an electronic Journey Management System (JMS) and is capable of performing the following:

- Tracking movements between the work-site and base.
- Capturing travel authorization electronically.
- Systematically ensuring that personal details for all personnel (and those of their dependents) are captured in the "Warden System".

The system was designed to be highly secure and is compliant with stringent vulnerability assessment benchmarks.

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